Thursday, May 29, 2014



Artists develop art making skills

In this project I learned how to use the gel medium to glue down the tissue paper. I learned that you have to put the glue down on the paper first and then out the tissue paper on and then put glue ontop of the tissue paper. I learned how to make a lot of layers and use different materials. 

Artist reflect

After I glued down the tissue paper and the magazines I thought I was done. I felt like something was missing and it looked like it needed something else. So I added quotes and watercolor to add more layers.


Artists take risks

In our landscape project my group took risks by trying a new technique of throwing the paint on the tree. We felt by doing this it added more to the tree instead of just the paint. We also took a risk by blending the different colors to get an ombré affect. 

Artists collaborate 

We had a group of three in our landscape project. Each of us had different idea on how to paint the tree. We wanted to do more than just painting the tree to make it look more unique. At first we were going to do tribal designs on the tree but then decided not to. We thought it would look better if we just splatter paint on it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Artists develop art making skills

In pervious art classes I have made 3-D art sculptures but I have never made clay tiles. So making clay tiles was a new technique for me. I stuggled with making the objects pop out on the tile. I learned tequniques for adding clay to the piece by scoring and then adding water so the clay would stick together. Another technique I learned was smoothing the clay out so it didn't make lines that I didn't end up with random lines. I defindently need to improve some, but I thought for my first time doing clay tiles they turned out pretty good! 

Artist take risks

I took lots of risk in this project since I have never worked with clay tiles. Using the wire to connect the tiles was also new to me. It was hard to get the wire to stay and even with other small tile. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shibori Dyeing

Laura Hunter 

Laura Hunter has been working for twenty years making silk scarves and shawls using shibori techniques. She is from Olympia, Washington and has a BFA in Fiber Art from the University of Washington. She is self-employed and works in her home studio.

Laura's style techniques is using repetition and evidence of change.She likes using nature as a theme, like sand on the beach, ripples in the sand, and repetition on animals. Laura uses a technique called  "itajime shibori" where the designs are created by dyeing the fabric while it is folded and clamped between tiles.. Each article of clothing is individually dyed, either before or after construction. Laura's work is more retail designed because she sells her scarves and shawls in stores around the United States. I picked this artist because I liked how she used the shibori techniques into something that is fashionable and wearable. I also like how she sews and gathers the fabric to give it more detail. Another thing I like about her art work is that all of her scarves and shawls are different; not just the color but also the patterns.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Artists Communicate Through Their Work

In my painting I painted the TD Garden which is where the Boston Bruins play. I have a lot of family that lives in the New England area and visit a lot. My dad and me always go to one home game in Boston every year. My painting represents where I grew up watching the bruins play with my dad. It's a special place for me because it's something I will always share with my dad. This artwork intends to say that I like to watch hockey and I love the city of Boston.

 Artists Develop Art Making Skills

In this project I learned how to do two-point perspective. Although I have done perspective drawings before, I never got it right. The warm-ups we did in class helped me with the techniques of drawing one point, two point, and three point perspective drawings. I also learned that using tape helps make really straight lines. Since there are so many tiny details in my painting I learned how to use paint to make these details look sharp. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Art History

 Art History
The piece my group had was "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" by Seurat. The medium of the piece is pigment and is composed entirely of dots of pure color. It took Seurat two years to complete the painting. "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" was in the Post- Impressionism movement.  This movement happened in the 19th century and included French artists. The paintings in this movement seemed unplanned and the artists wanted the paintings to be more substantial.

Working on this project each person in my group was assigned to different tasks.  Joanna was in charge of making one of the props, which was a lady. Tori was in charge of making another prop, which was the red hat lady. Chelsea and I  made the black dog. And I did the PowerPoint for the presentation.

If I were to do this project again I would add more props so people could get a better  understanding of the painting.