Friday, March 28, 2014

Ipad drawing

Layers are a three dimensional image that is flat. Layers are the thickness or quantity of a material.
I used layers by having three different layers. The first layer was the background of the drawing, the second was the drawing that I sketched and the last layer was the coloring of Olaf.

Friday, March 14, 2014



I did an elephant as my GIF because elephants are my favorite animal. An elephant has always been my good luck charm since I was little. I have an elephant charm on my bracelet to give me luck.



Artists Reflect-

After I finished carving the places that I wanted to have pink, I printed it on a page. I saw some spots on the print that I didn't want have there. So I went back and carved out some more and then reprinted. I also noticed that I needed to add more ink so that it the print would come out better. When I was doing my second color of the black ink I notice that something was wrong when I printed it. It came out really blotchy and wasn't sure if it was become I used to much ink. I decided to change the ink that I used and it turned out a lot better. Before I put the new black ink on the print I tested out it out on scrap piece of paper to see if it would turn out how I wanted it to.

Artists Communicate Trough their Work-

For my art piece I did hanging pointe shoes. I chose this because I have been doing dance since I was three years old and wanted to make something that meant something to me. As of sixth grade I started doing pointe and I really enjoyed it, even though it can cause my feet pain! My art work is intended to show about me and show how dance has been an important factor of my life. I chose pink as the color because it is my favorite color. The issues that am examining through my artwork is to show that even though something that can be painful can be beautiful. My artwork also says that by practicing and doing what you love to do can turn out into a beautiful dance. And that all the hard work and painful practices is worth it.

Monday, March 3, 2014


5. During this project I asked others for advice on how to fold origami and what worked for them. I had some trouble with gluing down the big flower. I asked others advice on how I should glue it down so that it would stay. People at my table taught me new methods on how to fold and have me advice.

7. After I glued down everything I stepped back and felt that it needed something. I ended up painting the roses to give the project some color.