Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two in One project

 In the two in one project I am morphing together a sunflower and a pocket watch. I incorporated the theme of the two in one project by morphing two different things into one. I chose to morph these two items together because I like sunflowers and I think a sunflower and a pocket watch would look cool together. The shape of my drawing is a circle because of the clock. The pocket watch chain is a vine with leaves on it to incorporate the sunflower.

The material I am using is pencil for the project because in my opinion pencil is easier to fix mistakes. Since this is my first project I wanted to use pencil because I have more experience using pencil in drawing. I don't like using charcoal because it is messy and it smudges my paper. I didn't want to use pen because it would be easy to make a mistake and you couldn't be able to erase your mistake.

The difficulties that I have encountered so far are choosing the right pencil medium for the clock. It is hard to find where the dark and light shading would be on a clock. Another difficulty that I have encountered is making sure everything is balanced and centered on the page.

I think the piece was successful because I chose a material that I was comfortable working with and I followed the directions of the assignment. I am most proud of the flower because I thought I shaded it good and liked the way it turned out.

If I could go back and change one thing I would make sure the lines were more straight and the circle was even.

I learned from this project that I have some capability of actually drawing and it not turning out like a little kid drew it. I also learned that I like to have an exact idea of what I want to draw before putting it onto the final draft.

Final Draft

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