Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Original Picture

Artists develop art making skills

The portrait project was the first project that I used paint as the medium in this class. The hardest part I had on this project was the hand because it was on top of her shoulder and blended in. It was hard to draw something on top of another thing, but I learned that using a different shade of paint for the hand made the hand stand out. Another technique that I learned was creating shadows with paint. Before in middle school I would just paint one color for the skin tone; this time I used different colors that were skin tone, but some dark and lighter versions to create shadows.  I gained skills in creating a mix of different shades some light and dark so the portrait looked more realistic.

Artists Collaborate

While working on the portrait I asked for a lot of peoples opinions to see what they thought would look best. I wasn't sure what color I wanted the anchors to be in the background, so I asked someone. They said to do a light blue to make the portrait stand out more. The anchors turned out really good, by using a light blue because it made the portrait stand out than if I had used a different color. I was also having a hard time mixing colors to turn out the way I wanted them to. One person showed me a really technique of mixing the colors and having them be lighter and darker to make a shadow. I think I definitely improved my skills by asking people around me to see what worked for them and their opinions on different things.


Final Product

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