Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Artists Communicate Through Their Work

In my painting I painted the TD Garden which is where the Boston Bruins play. I have a lot of family that lives in the New England area and visit a lot. My dad and me always go to one home game in Boston every year. My painting represents where I grew up watching the bruins play with my dad. It's a special place for me because it's something I will always share with my dad. This artwork intends to say that I like to watch hockey and I love the city of Boston.

 Artists Develop Art Making Skills

In this project I learned how to do two-point perspective. Although I have done perspective drawings before, I never got it right. The warm-ups we did in class helped me with the techniques of drawing one point, two point, and three point perspective drawings. I also learned that using tape helps make really straight lines. Since there are so many tiny details in my painting I learned how to use paint to make these details look sharp. 

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